Find A Place To Serve

Ready to use your God-given talents to bless others in our church family? Let’s find a place for you to help and serve!

Ever wondered what church is all about or why they have it on the weekend? If it wasn’t life-changing, most Kingdom Family members would probably do something else with their Sundays. But something incredible happens when you experience a relationship with Jesus and other Christian friends—you can’t wait to get there!

At Kingdom Family, we believe that God created you to be unique and to fulfill a unique plan and purpose for your life. Our goal is to help you identify your God-given gifts and talents, and use those talents for a greater purpose.

For many, just being good moms and dads to young children is the call God’s placed on you at this particular time. For others, serving in our community or in other parts of the world might provide the significance that you desire. But actively seeking all God has in store for you is a journey to fulfillment—a journey we want you to take with us.

At Kingdom Family, you’ll find the tools and resources you need to get started on your amazing adventure. There are many ministry opportunities available right now in which you may become involved. But beyond that, if God’s placed a dream in your heart to do something fantastic, maybe something no one else is doing, we want to help you do that, too!

Your first step is to attend and complete the New Members Class.  Please sign up for our next session.