Salvation, now what?

Hallelujah!!!  Praise God on your decision to receive His gift of salvation.  Always remember, You became a Christian the moment you received Christ.  Don’t trust your feelings, for they will change.  Take God at His Word and believe His promises.  You should be able to say with assurance, “I have received Christ. On the authority of God’s Word, I have eternal life“.  So the first thing is to remember that you are God’s child now.

The Next Steps

  1. Trust God.  Ask God and believe that He will direct your life via the Holy Spirit.  Jesus said the Holy Spirit would lead us to all truth. John 16:13   Submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Pray daily. Prayer is simply your communing with God.  Spend quiet-time in dedicated prayer where there are no distracts.  Also spend time praying during the course of your day as you are at work, at the grocery store, etc.  It’s ok to pray with your eyes open!
  3. Read the Word. Get a Bible (also known as the Word of God), if you don’t have one, and spend time reading it and meditating on what you read, daily.  Decide how much time you will commit to daily.  Pray and ask God what you need to read.  Ask God to help you understand what you read.  As you understand, apply it to your life.
  4. Share.  Let others know about the decision you’ve made.  Salvation is truly a gift that keeps on giving.
  5. Join.  Be prayerful about a local Bible-believing fellowship for you to join with.  You are part of the world wide Body of Christ
  6. Water Baptism.  Follow Christ’s example of water baptism and be water baptized.
  7. Holy Spirit Baptism.  Get with a Believer who has received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and let that person know you want to pray with them that you receive the  baptism of the Holy Spirit.
  8. Contact Us.  We are excited about your decision for a new life in Christ Jesus.  We would love to meet you and see how we might be of assistance.  Please visit our Contact page.

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