Fellowship Hall AV System – Powering Down

By following the below steps, you will proper shut down the system after use.

Steps for powering down the projector

If the KFIC projector is on, signified by a light or image displaying on the wall, it will need to be powered down using the following steps:

1. Retrieve the projector remote and observe the location of the red Power button on the remote.









2. Walk over to the projector mounted in the ceiling and stand underneath.  Point the end of the remote displaying the power button toward the project.  Press the power button once…then press once again when prompted.  There should be a countdown timer displaying.  Once the count down completes the projector should be powered off and no light or image should display on the wall.  There may be a sound coming from the projector as it cools/shuts down, this is normal.





Steps for powering down the KFIC laptop

If the KFIC laptop is on, it will need to be powered down after use via the follow steps:

  1. Close all open programs and applications.
  2. Move the pointer to the bottom left and click Start.
  3. Click the right arrow button (if Windows 10, click Power).
  4. Click ‘Shut down’.
  5. Once shut down has completed, the power button will no longer be illuminated (will go dark).
  6. Close the lid to the laptop.

Closed laptop

Steps for powering down audio components

1. Power off the microphone Receiver by pressing the POWER button to the left of the FREEBOSS receiver.  The POWER button and LED on the receiver should go dark once this step is done.






2. Power off the Amplifier by pressing the POWER button in the bottom left face of the PYLE amplifier.  The LED on the amplifier should go dark once this step is done.  Additionally, place the microphone and projector remote on top the Amplifier.

Be sure to return the CHANNEL dials to the position between 9 o’clock and 10 o’clock once the system is no longer in use.






3. Power off the power strip mounted on the wall by moving the switch to the OFF position.









4. Check to ensure the power cord remains plugged into the wall outlet.

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Feel free to contact the KFIC AV Team at [email protected] if there are any questions.