Fellowship Hall AV System – Using

This page provides instructions for using the various components of the AV System.


Note: When music is being played via the system, if someone uses the microphone, the volume of the music playing via the system will dampen until the microphone is no longer being used.

To use the microphone simply:

  1. Secure the microphone in your hand.
  2. Move the switch, located just above the Presider label on the microphone, up to the ON position.

To increase the microphone volume:

  1. Find the MIC1 VOL dial on the PYLE amplifier.
  2. Rotate the dial to the right until the desired volume is reached.

Be sure to return the MIC1 VOL dial to the 10 o’clock position once the system is no longer in use.

Note:  No adjustments should be made to the microphone receiver.



Each CHANNEL dial on the amplifier corresponds to 1 of the 4 speakers mounted in the Fellowship Hall. A & C are on the wall with the hallway doors.  A is closest to the system. B & D are on the opposite wall.  B is closest to the system.  Though leaving the CHANNELS positioned between 9 o’clock and 10 o’clock should be suitable for most situations, the volume of each of the 4 individual speakers can be adjusted with these CHANNEL dials.

Be sure to return the CHANNEL dials to the position between 9 o’clock and 10 o’clock once the system is no longer in use.


The KFIC laptop is plugged into the AUX port. To hear sound playing from the laptop the INPUT selector, located in the bottom right corner, needs to be turned to AUX.

Be sure to always return the INPUT selector to AUX once the system is no longer in use.

Bluetooth, SD, USB

To play sound (i.e. music) from a Smart device (i.e. cell phone, tablet) using Bluetooth:

  1. Press the MODE button on the amplifier until BLUE or BLUETOOTH shows on the amplifier display screen.
  2. On your Smart device, look for and connect to PYLEUSA under the list of available bluetooth  devices.
  3. Set the INPUT selector on the amplifier to MP3.  The INPUT selector also needs to be set to MP3 when using a SD card in the amplifier or a USB (i.e. flash drive) connection to the amplifier.
  4. Play the music on your Smart device.
  5. Adjust the volume on your Smart device.
  6. If the volume on your Smart device is at its max and you desire more volume, adjust the MUSIC VOL knob on the amplifier.

Note, when a Bluetooth connection has been established between the amplifier and another device (i.e. Smartphone 1) the connection has to be disengaged in order for another device (i.e. Tablet 1) to establish a Bluetooth connection.

Be sure to always return the INPUT selector to AUX once the system is no longer in use.

Music volume

The volume for music playing can be increased or decreased via these 3:

  • at the source (i.e. laptop, Smartphone, tablet, etc.),
  • the CHANNEL dials (as mentioned above), and
  • the MUSIC VOL dial on the amplifier.

Be sure to return the MUSIC VOL dial to the position between 9 o’clock and 10 o’clock once the system is no longer in use.


These instructions are specific to projecting using the KFIC laptop and assumes the laptop has been powered on and the user has logged on.

To start projecting:

  1. Make sure the laptop wifi is connected to WPS.
  2. Click the WPS Interactive icon on the desktop twice to start the WPS client.
  3. Under Wifi network, choose WPS and click Connect.
  4. On the Login screen, enter the Login Code:  1606
  5. Click Ok or Connect.
    • A control panel will appear.
    • The projector will automatically sync with the laptop and the contents displaying on the laptop screen will project in real time and high-definition 720p on both the laptop and the projection wall.
  6. Bring up the program you plan to project (i.e. PowerPoint, YouTube, etc.) and us it as normal.

For extended display mode:

  1. On the WPS Interactive control panel, click menu (located to the right of the number 1606).
  2. Click Selection Projection Desktop.
  3. Click Extend Desktop.
  4. Drag the control panel over from the projection area on the wall to the laptop.
  5. For dual display mode, follow the above 3 steps (for extended display mode) but select Main Desktop for step 3.

To stop projecting:

  1. Click the stop button on the WPS Interactive control panel referenced above.

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Feel free to contact the KFIC AV Team at [email protected] if there are any questions.